There are several ways companies' compost materials, ranging from engineered enclosed systems to stationary piles. Of the many methods used, hot composting (or thermophillic aerobic composting) is the most efficient for producing high quality compost in a relatively short time with the highest rate of weed seed, fly larvae, and pathogen destruction.

We at Fundy Compost use thermophillic windrow composting, or in plain English: monitored hot composting that has been aerated by turning in a windrow. In our process, heat raises above 50 degrees Celsius to destroy the highest rate of weed seeds, fly larvae and pathogens than any other composting methods for the most carefree gardening. To keep the optimal microbial activity healthy required for high heat, turning is necessary and desirable. To achieve this, a mixture of organic material is placed in large rows (5' high by 18' wide), then mixed and aerated by a windrow turner. The windrow turner can be envisioned as a large tunnel rototiller which mixes the row while keeping its shape.

Effective management of temperature, moisture, oxygen, particle size, the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio and the degree of turning involved turns organic materials into a valuable organic fertilizer.

At Fundy Compost our compost is aged like good cheese or wine and is over one-year of age before it is available for sale. We are so proud of our compost and its quality, we named it Fundy Gold.


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We are capable of delivering retail loads up to 18 cubic yards and wholesale loads up to 50 cubic yards. Our minimum volume for deliveries is 5 cubic yards. For smaller loads, please call Hub Excavation at 902-895-9444.


We use tandem dump trucks for deliveries up to 18 yards, depending on the product weight. Please call for quote on delivery.


We use a tractor trailer with a shuttle floor for wholesale deliveries up to 50 yards, depending on the product weight. Commercial customers can pick up large volumes at wholesale pricing. Please contact for wholesale quotes.