Economical solution for weed control and soil erosion. Place at a depth of 6" for excellent weed control. Beautiful on pathways, patios, and many other decorative uses. Can be used on fairly steep slopes.
We offer a variety of sizes and ages. Call us for availability. View Sample


This attractive, easy to handle smaller bark mulch helps retain soil moisture while providing good weed and erosion control, as well as adding organic matter as it breaks down over time. Perfect for around small sensitive perennials.

Should be applied at a depth of 6". Renew with a top layer of bark every couple of years. We offer a variety of sizes and ages. Call us for availability. View Sample


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We are capable of delivering retail loads up to 18 cubic yards and wholesale loads up to 50 cubic yards. Our minimum volume for deliveries is 5 cubic yards. For smaller loads, please call Hub Excavation at 902-895-9444.


We use tandem dump trucks for deliveries up to 18 yards, depending on the product weight. Please call for quote on delivery.


We use a tractor trailer with a shuttle floor for wholesale deliveries up to 50 yards, depending on the product weight. Commercial customers can pick up large volumes at wholesale pricing. Please contact for wholesale quotes.