Soil Organic Matter (SOM)


Organic matter is essential in a healthy productive soil. Here are some of the benefits of organic matter in soil:

Promotes growth - It acts as a storage area for soil nitrogen. As organic matter is mineralized, it releases nitrogen as nitrate and ammonium which can be taken up by the roots and used by the plants for growth.

Promotes drainage - SOM cements primary soil particles such as sand, silt and clay into stable secondary aggregates. This makes it easier for roots to penetrate, and water to drain.

Increases scarce nutrients - SOM also acts as storage for many other nutrients such as Phosphorous, Boron, Sulphur, and Molybdenum.

Increases nutrient retention - SOM helps to retain nutrients by increasing the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), the capacity of a soil for ion exchange of cations between the soil and the soil solution. CEC is used as a measure of fertility, nutrient retention capacity, and the capacity to protect groundwater from cation contamination.

To raise SOM requires a long periods of time and massive additions of organic matter. In order to raise SOM by 1%, an application of 1" inch depth is necessary.

Note - A 1.5 cubic yard pick-up load will cover a 50 square yard garden, an area 5 by 10 yards.


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We are capable of delivering retail loads up to 18 cubic yards and wholesale loads up to 50 cubic yards. Our minimum volume for deliveries is 5 cubic yards. For smaller loads, please call Hub Excavation at 902-895-9444.


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