Welcome To Fundy Compost

Fundy Compost is located at 1332 Pleasant Valley Road, Brookfield, Nova Scotia just 15 kilometers from Truro. View our location page for directions.

At Fundy Compost we are committed to protecting the environment for future generations.

By using our waste as a resource we create affordable:

We can load your pickup trucks or trailers with a small loader or skidsteer.

We are happy to provide our customers with various gravels, and stone products, along with knowledgeable, personal service.

Please click here for our residential price list.

Volume discounts are available starting at full tandem loads for many of our products.

Commercial users, such as landscapers or farmers, should call William at (902)673-3020, or (902)986-1610 for wholesale pricing and credit applications.

We have the distinction of being the ONLY Nova Scotian facility to retain a Soil Scientist, and the second facility to open after Nova Scotia Dept. of the Environment's regulations curbed indiscriminate dumping in 1994. Fundy Compost is proud to keep 12,000 metric tonnes of material out of the landfill every year (with a corresponding reduction in the application of chemical fertilizers), cooperating in the composting/recycling efforts which make Nova Scotia a leader in the field.


"The year before our chard was about a foot high - very poor. Then we added two inches of Fundy Compost last year and BAM!......What a garden!
The chard was delicious right up to freeze up. As well as everything else."
- Robert G. Grantham


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We are capable of delivering retail loads up to 18 cubic yards and wholesale loads up to 50 cubic yards. Our minimum volume for deliveries is 5 cubic yards. For smaller loads, please call Hub Excavation at 902-895-9444.


We use tandem dump trucks for deliveries up to 18 yards, depending on the product weight. Please call for quote on delivery.


We use a tractor trailer with a shuttle floor for wholesale deliveries up to 50 yards, depending on the product weight. Commercial customers can pick up large volumes at wholesale pricing. Please contact for wholesale quotes.